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An Almost New Beginning

Welcome to the new edition of the Third Block Website.  While complete and running, it is still a work in progress and will need some additional features added and bugs worked out.



In the meantime, I wanted to at least publish a photograph of the new building that will house our winery.  It is also a work in progress, and there are several hurdles to overcome before we formally open.  Not to be repetitive, but it will need some additional features added and a few kinks worked out.  But it's taking shape, and the surrounding landscape is coming together with the springtime weather.  

At some point in the hopefully near future, we will plant grape vines and it will be ready to host tasting events.  

However, Third Block has now been around for over four years and is the first winery in Jefferson Oregon.  We have a wonderful clientele and they have shared some kind words in our testimony section.  We have a lot of wine for sale, with more coming soon.  

If you like, you can place an order on line and we can deliver to you.  As I write this, we are still contending with the "social distancing" restrictions, so we are happy to  deliver and drop off on your doorstep.